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Problem with your pool lights? Check your GFCI

Often times we are called out to inspect pool and spa lights that fail to turn on.  Many times the answer is right beneath the owner’s nose, the GFCI has tripped.  Unfortunately, this was an expensive lesson for the home … Continue reading

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All pool equipment is operated by switches. A switch closes and opens a circuit. When a switch is open the flow of electricity is stopped, when it is closed it completes the circuit and allows for the flow of electricity … Continue reading

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The pool pump often called the filter pump is the heart of the pool system. It is responsible for the circulation and filtration of the water. When a pump is not attached to the filter and provides water for a … Continue reading

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The efficiency of today’s pool heaters will allow the heating an entire pool without hurting the pocket book, therefore, gas fired pool heaters are not limited to pool systems with a spa. Pool heaters have also become very safe and … Continue reading

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Chemical Feeders

A chemical feeder for a pool can be as simple as a chlorinator, which slowly erodes chlorine tablets, or as complex as a salt system that uses electrolysis to produce chlorine from ordinary table salt. Other types of feeders produce … Continue reading

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Pool skimmers are the first line of defense against a dirty pool. Their primary function is to collect debris floating along the top of the water before it saturates and sinks to the bottom. The skimmer(s) are plumbed into the … Continue reading

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An underwater pool light is designed to provide enough light to illuminate the pool for swimmers and make it visible for those outside the water. A pool light is both a safety piece of equipment and a means to beautify … Continue reading

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Main Drains

The main drain for a pool is a suction port that should be located at the deepest point on the pool floor. A main drain is responsible for aiding in the circulation and filtration of the pool water. Having a … Continue reading

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Pool filters are primarily tasked with the purification of pool water through filtration. Filters clarify water by removing particulate matter suspended in the water. All conventional filters, simply stated, work by passing water through some type of filter media. The … Continue reading

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Spring is Over, Lets Talk About Summer Maintenance in Austin, TX

Spring, here in Austin, Tx appears to be over. The days are longer and hotter which means summer is around the corner. The trees and pollen off of those trees have completed their yearly assault, and will now provide wonderful … Continue reading

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